Committee News – January 2017

    Repairs and Maintenance:

In November a periodic inspection of the electrical installation of the Hall identified that some significant work was required to bring the equipment up to current standards. The estimated cost of the work was of the order of £1,000, and as it is essential the committee decided that it had to be completed.
Because the upgrade was both expensive and unplanned, the chairman and treasurer approached Charlton Parish Council for assistance in covering the costs. The committee is extremely grateful to the Parish Council, who agreed to meet the full costs of the remedial work as set out in the estimate. The work will be completed during January.

    Terms and Conditions of Hire:

The committee used part of their January meeting to review bookings during the previous year to assess whether to make any amendments to the terms and conditions of hire. The meeting re-affirmed that submission of a booking form and deposit were required in order to secure an event booking. As no deposit is required for a 2-hour children’s party, the committee also decided that for these events the booking form should be accompanied by full payment. Additionally, it was decided that the special children’s party rate would only be available for children up to and including 12 years of age.

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