Committee News – March 2017

Fund-Raising Events The management committee is planning to hold two fund raising events over the summer. The first will be a Village Fair to be held on 10 June. It is many years since a fete was held in Charlton and we hope that local people will support our plans to revive this activity. The second will be a variation on the Beer and Sausage events that have previously taken place. Details are still being finalised for both events with more information becoming available in the coming weeks.
Repairs and Maintenance: The urgent electrical work has been completed and a NICEIC installation certificate issued. Having painted the shed by the Hall last spring volunteers, mainly from Charlton Cricket Club, have this year set about repairing and repainting the equipment shed.
Play Area: The committee have engaged Wicksteeds (who did the work on the swings) to repair the damaged Spring Toy. Attention has now turned towards raising funds to pay for the replacement of the slide.
Garden: As the weather improves work will re-commence on restoration of the memorial garden. The remaining shrubs will be removed and the rear part of the bed covered by a weed-suppressing membrane and mulched. The soil in the front part will be left uncovered and planted up with bulbs and small perennials. In due course shrubs will be re-introduced into the rear of the bed.

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