Committee News – November 2016

Play Area
The first tranche of repairs to the equipment in the play area have been completed. This comprises refurbishment of the swings and replacement of the seats on the roundabout. Additionally, the committee has removed the rotten steps on the mound pending having sufficient funds for the next batch of repairs.
The committee wants to keep the equipment in the best possible condition, so would gently remind everyone that the play area is for the use of children only.

Fund-Raising Ideas
The committee is looking for ways to raise further funds to pay for the remaining repairs to the play area and, longer term, the replacement of the tractor and gang mower used to mow the field.

We would like to continue to host quiz nights as they are an excellent way for people to meet. So if you are a keen quizzer who would like to challenge your friends and neighbours by setting your own questions – please get in touch with one of the committee. It would be a shame if we were to lose this opportunity to bring local people together.

We would also like to know what other events local people would be interested in supporting or even helping to organise. Among those the committee are considering are: a Summer Fete, Film Club and Horse Race Night. Please contact us with your suggestions.

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