Recreation Centre Committee – March 2016

You will see that the title has changed. This is to highlight that we are not only responsible for the running of the Village Hall, but also the Playing Field, a fact which perhaps has not been given the focus this wonderful space deserves.

The extraordinary general meeting on 11 February was attended by a number of local residents and was successful in finding people to bring the membership of the committee up to full strength (10). The officers of the committee were elected from this group, with John Jerman becoming Chair, Marion Adkins Treasurer and Anne Hodgkins Secretary and Vice Chair.

During February the lower part of the walls in the hall were repaired and redecorated. We had some unplanned expense when the annual service of the gang mower identified that it needed some expensive new parts.

The first meeting of the new committee identified the projects it wishes to explore. These include: repairing and treating the external woodwork on the hall and shed; making a fresh attempt to find someone to repair the playground equipment; working with the Cricket Club to establish a regular maintenance programme for the playing field and tackling the weeds in the front garden.

If we are going to do all of this work we will need to find additional resource, so the committee has begun to consider a variety of fund-raising activities and ways in which volunteers may be able to help.

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