Recreational Centre – April 2016

The committee have decided on a range of activities to raise funds for the Hall and Field during the coming months: an afternoon of Charlton reminiscences (June): a Beer and Sausage Fest (August – a joint event with Charlton Cricket Club) and a Quiz Night (October). As details are finalised they will be published on the What’s On page.

During the month the repairs to the gang mower have been completed, the first cuts of the grass undertaken, the shed repainted and the gravel in the car park redistributed.

A new regular maintenance programme is to be put in place for the field, play area and garden. The committee has decided to use volunteers to clear the couch grass that has accumulated in the garden. Once cleared the area will be left fallow until the autumn when the committee will decide on how best to replant it. The other project for the year is to tackle the maintenance of the play area equipment and the committee have agreed to get the equipment inspected so that we can identify the priority work.

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