Recreational Centre Committee – June 2016

Play Area – Wicksteeds have performed their inspection of the play area and equipment and provided an initial report that the committee reviewed at their meeting in June. The report found all items were still safe to use, but all have a number of issues which require some action. The piece of equipment which requires the most significant repairs is the swings. Some of the work must be carried out by a licensed operator and we asked Wicksteeds to provide the costs for these items. These have now arrived and will be reviewed, along with all other proposed items of expense at the next meeting in late July.

Other Projects – The Play Area remains the committee’s top priority, but there are a number of other maintenance projects which are also required. Volunteers continue to try to tackle the couch grass in the garden and have concluded that it will also be necessary to remove the shrubs. The committee has sought an estimate for removal this work. The committee also has an estimate for work to repair and treat the wood on the hall which has been pending until we understand the cost of all projects. Slightly longer term, the committee is beginning to look at options for replacing the tractor used to mow the playing field. This has been on long term loan from a local farmer, who has given us notice that he wants to take it back.

Fundraising – The cost of these projects will be significant and will require major fundraising activity. A Beer and Sausage festival (27th August) and Quiz Night (15 October) have already been planned but the committee will need to look at other options if all this work is to be completed in a timely manner.

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